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Innovative Technology

Whenever possible, Novation seeks to add innovative solutions to its portfolio that improve clinical outcomes, ensure patient and health care provider safety or enhance organizations’ operational efficiencies. Medical devices used in direct clinical care of patients and information technology related solutions are considered for a Novation contract via the Innovative Technology Process.

There are two ways suppliers may choose to participate in the Innovative Technology program: the Innovative Technology Online Forum and the Innovative Technology Contracting Process.

  • The Innovative Technology Online Forum provides an opportunity for suppliers and members to exchange information about potentially innovative health care technology. To learn more about the Innovative Technology Online Forum, please visit our Online Forum.

  • The Innovative Technology Contracting Process seeks to identify and contract for innovative products that are used in the direct clinical care of patients and offer an incremental benefit to patient care or patient or health care worker safety. Novation follows a consistent review process to determine whether the technology meets the criteria for an Innovative Technology contract. To learn more about the Innovative Technology Contracting Process and to submit your product for contract consideration, visit our Contract Consideration page.

The goal of the Novation Innovative Technology program is to work with members to identify innovative technologies that can improve patient care or reduce the risk of harm to patients or providers, while simultaneously raising the standard of patient care and safety.

Novation follows a documented review process to negotiate contracts with suppliers of innovative technology to secure access to the latest product innovations at the best price for members. The process includes review by a clinical member council or task force to determine whether the technology represents incremental advantage for members.

For additional information about Novation’s Innovative Technology program, email our team.

Member Information

Additional information is available to registered members via Marketplace|Procure, including a list of all current Innovative Technology contract awards and detailed information and product pricing for all agreements.

Member Feedback

Members that Novation serves are invited to provide feedback on or suggest potentially innovative medical or information technology products to Novation. Please send feedback to our team.

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