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White Papers

Novation provides white papers, reports, and industry surveys to provide visibility into supply chain processes and encourage continual improvement.

Using Mobile Technology

Mobile and the Healthcare Supply-Chain

December 2012

With the dramatic spread of mobile devices and the availability of mobile applications, there is a gradual but significant shift in the way corporate users approach business transactions. With an increased adoption of mobile devices by hospitals, we fully expect that by 2015 more decision-making and business transactions will be done via mobile devices than through the desktop. Today, there are already significant benefits associated with the use and adoption of mobile technology, and this white paper outlines the current trends and benefits of using mobile technology in the healthcare supply chain. Read More

Dirty Data

The Cost of Dirty Data

August 2012

In light of the rising costs of health care and changes brought by reform, Novation has released a white paper, “The Cost of Dirty Data,” to help hospitals and health care providers better understand the implications of dirty data within the supply chain and offer ways to identify and clean that data.  Building on its industry-leading data and analytics offerings, the aim of Novation’s report is to help providers have a deeper understanding of the potential impact of dirty data, as well as a deeper understanding of the solutions. Read More

Biosimilars – FDA Guidance Update

May 2012

Novation’s white paper, “Biosimilars – FDA Guidance Update,” is designed to help hospitals and health care providers better understand the key components of the FDA’s draft guidance documents and suggested next steps. The aim of Novation’s report is to help providers have a deeper understanding of the potential value and impact of biosimilar usage as they gain broader adoption in the United States. Lower-cost alternatives to commonly used biologics will receive market approval in the near future, and experience with biosimilars in the European Union suggests that these ‘highly similar’ versions of reference biologics could result in price decreases of 20 to 30 percent. Read More

Five Steps to Declaring GS1 Readiness

January 2012

Written by Dennis Byer and Dawn Burtram

GS1 standards have the potential to transform healthcare, to lower costs and increase opportunities to improve patient safety. The use of global location identifiers will improve enterprise-wide supply chain transparency and enhance overall product visibility. Read More

Preparing for Biosimilars

November 2011

In recent years, an increasing amount of hospital pharmaceutical expense is being devoted to the acquisition of high cost, large molecule biologics, which historically have not been subject to “generic” competition because they are complex to manufacture and are derived from living organisms. Biosimilars, or drugs that clinical studies deem “highly similar” to these large molecule biologics, will provide effective, safe, and cost-efficient alternatives to expensive, current biologic drugs. Experience with biosimilars in the European Union suggests reasonable opportunities exist for adoption of these products and realization of cost savings. As a result, Novation offers this report to provide basic information regarding biosimilars including: an introduction to biosimilars, products most likely to be introduced in the near future, companies expected to compete in this market; and outstanding issues that need to be addressed to support biosimilar utilization in the United States. Read More


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