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Physician Preference Items

Novation offers two portfolios of physician preference products: orthopedic and cardiovascular.¬†In both portfolios, Novation negotiates product contracts with the world’s leading medical device manufacturers that assist hospitals in controlling costs.

Key cardiovascular product categories include:

  • cardiac rhythm management products to provide the heart continuous pacing and/or support for a failing heart
  • automatic external defibrillators to treat sudden heart attacks¬†
  • electrophysisology products for the study and treatment of electrical abnormalities of the heart
  • cardiology products for the treatment of heart attack patients
  • neuro-interventional products for the treatment of stroke patients
  • peripheral vascular disease products for the treat of poor blood flow in the legs
  • cardiovascular surgery products for minimally invasive heart surgery, heart valve repair/replacement, and heart assistance

The orthopedic portfolio includes these and other product categories:

  • spinal implants used to perform spine fusions or correct deformities like scoliosis
  • joint replacement products such as knee, shoulder, and hip devices
  • trauma products that aid in the repair of broken bones
  • biologic products that are used to augment bone during surgery
  • post-operative support products like rehabilitation bracing, splinting materials and slings
  • rigid and flexible endoscopy equipment for gastrointestinal procedures
  • arthroscopy products used in minimally invasive orthopedic surgery
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